A blog devoted to the extremely short-lived but extremely well loved WB show featuring: Rodney Scott as Will Krudski, Mark Famiglietti as Scout Calhoun, Kate Bosworth as Bella Banks, Katherine Moennig as Jake Pratt, Ian Somerhalder as Hamilton Fleming, Charlie Hunnam as Ryder, Michelle Monaghan as Caroline, Matt Czuchry as Sean, Gabrielle Christian as Grace, and Ed Quinn as Finn ... no Mr necessary!

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omfg i can't believe your blog exists. I am just in heaven right now. I loved this show, I still watch it over and over and miss it so much. Best 8 weeks of my life when this show aired. <3 So glad I just found you and thank you for running a blog on this show!

oh wow, this is so nice to hear, thank you so much <3

Where can I watch YA online?

You can watch it on youtube, the link is in the sidebar ;) however, if you want HD downloads then ask off-anon and I can give you links :)

Young Americans Celebrates 14 years!



Please join us in congratulating the Young Americans board for their amazing anniversary, hope there are many more to come. Join the celebration here.

July 12th 2000: Happy 14th Anniversary Young Americans

Jake/Hamilton → pilot
– Oh my God. I’m da man.
– Oh my God, I think I’m a gay.

The Young Americans board is celebrating 75,000 posts!

I was know from this series this week, after one search things about Ian, so I decided to see, and I fell in love. Young Americans is striking, it was a shame it was canceled after eight episodes. But I really loved, Hamilton and Jake my favorite romantic couple * - * I believe that if had continuation Bella and Scout would not be brothers, because I also love to see this couple together. Glad you to have this tumblr with gifs magnificent about series. Congratulations!

Oh wow, I’m so glad to see that, even after 13 years, the show still attracts new fans, thank you so much for the lovely message and I’m so happy you enjoyed the show. If you want to discuss the show or speak with other fans of it you can head over here for a messageboard, currently celebrating it’s 13th anniversary, dedicated to the show and moderated by myself and a friend, we would love to have new or old fans of the show join us :)

Happy 13th Anniversary Young Americans | July 12th 2000